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Friday, January 18, 2008

Dowel rods???What are they?

I take it for granted that everyone knows what dowel rods are. Let me back up....they are wooden sticks 3 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter. Usually painted flat white. They will not glow in the dark, so you need to sew a sleeve or slip for it if you want to do a song in blacklight...which by the way we make and offer on our website. It's amazing how many images that you can do with the dowel rods. We have many songs with dowel rods on our site. Just ask...we'll help you.


Anonymous said...

Actually you can get dowel rods to glow in the dark. You paint them white first, then you paint them with a fluorescent paint on top (oftentimes you will have to use spray paint). Still a bit time consuming, but we do it all the time at my church and it seems somewhat easier than trying to sew a cover for them.

Howi Tiller said...

For sure,...we do that all the time, but then they aren't usable for the regular dowel rod songs...unless you don't mind using colored dowel rods. I usually use all white dowel rods for most songs, because we don't do that much black light dowel rod songs.